Friday, 27 September 2013

How to find the day from any date mentally?

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Few years back I saw a television show in which a man could tell the day from any date mentally within few seconds!! People used to throw any, I mean any date in past or future to him and this guy used to speak out the correct day of week falling on that date within a minute!! That was so surprising to me. How could a man remember whole calendar? I was literally shocked! At the same time I thought what if I also could do that? I will also perform that trick and amaze my friends. That will be fun.

So, I started doing research to find the trick. However I had realized the trick, I decided to make it as simple as I could.

This blog is the result of the same. In this blog I will share with you a simple and complete trick to find the day from any given date mentally, easily and quickly.

Happy reading ! :)

Chapter 1. Try It Yourself And Get Some Confidence

Chapter 2. Finding The Remainder And Steps We Need To Follow

Chapter 3. Let's Prepare Ourselves, Multiplication Table For 4

Chapter 4. Multiplication Table For 5 And 7, Key Numbers For Week Days

Chapter 5. Key Numbers For Months

Chapter 6. Finding The Key Numbers For Centuries (First Two Digits In A Year)

Chapter 7. Finding The Key Number For The Last Two Digits In The Year

Chapter 8. Check If The Year Is A Leap Year Or Not

Chapter 9. Examples Explained : 12th January 2013 & 15th August 2013

Chapter 10. Examples Explained : 5th February 2012 & 10th June 2012

Chapter 11. Examples Explained : 28th February 2100 & 11th November 2100

Chapter 12. Examples Explained : 29th February 2000 & 20th September 2000

Chapter 13. Few Important Tips!

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